Rebecca Maracle

Mohawk Feathersmith & Traditional Medicine Healer

I am an Artist and a Traditional Medicine Healer, member of the Haudenosaunee. By the teachings of my people I learned at an early age to respect Mother Earth and all she has to offer us. I attribute my gifts to the Creator and to the well guided training and teachings of my ancestors. It is my honour to continue to share with you the legacy of my family. I was taught to pass along my heritage and my beliefs through my traditional style of artwork. I have won numerous awards and my art can be found in private collections around the world. I am humbled and never take for granted the medicine gifts and artistic abilities the Creator has given me. It is my desire to share with you, the strength and beauty in nature, the creativity of my people and my culture captured in my original designs.
It is important for me to acknowledge all of Creation in this process and to bring awareness about all parts of who we are, the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual faces we all hold. “I meditate on every piece I create. The energy of each piece has the ability to attract to it the person who needs awareness. If you are open and receptive to it, it then can help to heal on a deeper level.”

My name is Rebecca, KARAKWINE (Ga ra quee nay) is my Mohawk name given to me by my Raksotha (Grandfather). My name means “She brings the Light”. I am Bear clan, and come from a long line of medicine healers on both sides of my family. I have learned through these last couple of years to embrace my path as a healer. I clearly remember the words of wisdom my Raksotha gave me years ago. He said “My Becky, everyday life will give you lessons to learn, it then becomes your responsibility to learn the lesson. If you choose to not see the lesson now, it will come back another day in another way until you choose to see it”. I have learned a lot of lessons through my years and am still learning everyday. The most important one of all, I’ve chosen to learn to honour my Spirit, to be my true authentic self. That being said, I live my name “She brings the Light” I choose to walk with Light, Love and Medicine. I know my ancestors and spirit guides are with me, they help guide my path in everything I do. For that I am Thankful and Blessed.


Understanding the Medicine Wheel   

The circle symbolizes the unending cycles of life and unity among people.             

– The “X” or cross symbolizes, the four directions North, South, East and West — and the medicine each direction holds    

– The four elements Earth, Air, Water, and Fire — and the medicine each element holds     

– The four faces of man, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical

The Medicine people believe that if you put your energy into believing what the medicine wheel stands for, that your healing, wholeness and sense of self comes from within. In essence you, create your wellness by willing to walk in awareness. Understanding the medicine wheel teachings are simple, yet multi-dimensional depending on how you choose to interpret the meanings. The Medicine Wheel holds much knowledge and it’s there for the taking. Seek and ye shall find…

Rebecca has learned what it means to be an artist and understand the connection with the earth and culture by growing up with art around her. She captures the essence of this in her work, pouring her heart, soul and medicine into each piece. Not only an award-winning artist but a medicine healer, Rebecca creates everything on her own – sitting in gratitude and noting that “healing is all around us, we just have to choose to see it.”

Rebecca Maracle foto
Rebecca aan het werk in haar gallery (foto uit 2018)
Rebecca Maracle Native artist
Foto uit 2018 van Rebecca en Suzanne in Canada
Rebecca en Suzanne in Canada