Mocassins by Carl

Mohawk Native artist

Over sixty years of experience and knowledge of leather crafting guarantees custumor satisification.

Leathercrafts is a practice of using different types of animal skins and leather into unique craft objects or works of art, using shaping techniques, coloring techniques, or both.

I specialize in making tradional moccasins and I use some of the most popular leathers available on the market such as moose, deer, water buffalo, montana cowhides, elk, camel, lamb, goat, pigskin, snake skin & suede. Using these leathers alone or in combination make some of the most beautiful leather products for all my customers.

Furs used in making products I make are from beaver, fox, mink, raccoon, wolf, rabbit, calf or faux furs. Using these furs make your moccasins and mukluks warm during the coldest times of winter.

Experienced in carving, burning, sewing, stamping, unique tooling, plaques, vests, dresses, and doll outfits. Various crafts such as slippers, boots, moccasins, belts, wallets, purses, phone cases, covers, knife sheaths, and more….

I am a one man operation so I make your moccasins to order so they fit your foot. My business model is simple :

  • Exceptional quality
  • I use the finest exclusively tanned leather and authentic furs
  • Every item is traditionally hand crafted with care
  • Stunning products that only get better with age
  • Custom made moccasins
  • Sewn with minimal machine sewing
Suzanne & Carl inTyendinaga in Canada