Christopher Miller

Mohawk Native artist

Spending most of my life in Southern Ontario in St. Catherines, better known troughout Ontario as the “Garden City”, located to the north of Niagara Falls, mirroring Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was here I laid the ground work for the start of my direction of my art work. As a small child I developed my creative abilities with the guidance of my mother, she encouraged my very active imagination. In time with many different ventures I began to develop skills for perfecting my shading ability and attention to detail with great clarity. My work has involved the desired creations of native cultural themes, the stunning beauty of landscaps and the natural presence of mysticism with wild life. In my work I try and capture that mystic beauty that draws us in to a perceptual experience of a positive reflection, a glance of being in balance and harmony with nature.

My desires for Native Culture, Nature Scenes, Wild Life, and all that I hold beautiful in the world are a main focus of interest as a means for my medium. My ardent desire, stems from my Mother and Grandfather both being artistic. It surrounds my heart and fulfills my spirit.

Christopher Miller mohawk native artist
Christopher Miller mohawk native artist
Foto uit 2018 op een powwow in Canada