Simple Feather earrings by Rebecca Maracle


Simpele fazanten veren oorbellen afgewerkt met houten kralen, hertenleer gemaakt door native artist Rebecca Maracle


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Simpele fazanten veren oorbellen afgewerkt met houten kralen, hertenleer en de haakjes zijn van roestvrij staal.

Gemaakt door native artist en Feathersmith Rebecca Maracle van het Tyendinaga reservaat in Ontario.

Afmeting is : 2cm breed en 7cm lang (inclusief de haakjes)

Over de native artist : My name is Rebecca, KARAKWINE (Ga ra quee nay) is my Mohawk name given to me by my Raksotha (Grandfather). My name means “She brings the Light”. I am Bear clan, and come from a long line of medicine healers on both sides of my family. I have learned through these last couple of years to embrace my path as a healer. I clearly remember the words of wisdom my Raksotha gave me years ago. He said “My Becky, everyday life will give you lessons to learn, it then becomes your responsibility to learn the lesson. If you choose to not see the lesson now, it will come back another day in another way until you choose to see it.” I have learned a lot of lessons through my years and am still learning everyday. The most important one of all, I’ve chosen to learn to honour my Spirit, to be my true authentic self. That being said, I live my name “She brings the Light” I choose to walk with Light, Love and Medicine. I know my ancestors and spirit guides are with me, they help guide my path in everything I do. For that I am Thankful and Blessed.

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Gewicht 0,05 kg
Afmetingen 7 × 2 × 0,1 cm


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